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Art of Problem Solving – Competition Math For Middle School

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Specially imported directly from Arts of Problem Solving, USA, Competition Math For Middle School is designed for math enthusiasts. It caters to the gifted math student, the new math coach, the teacher searching for challenging problems, or anyone interested in advanced mathematical problem-solving. This comprehensive resource, featuring over 700 examples and problems, covers Algebra, Counting, Probability, Number Theory, and Geometry. Each example and full solution presents clear concepts, along with helpful tips and tricks.

“I wish I had a book like this when I started my competition career.” – Four-Time National Champion MATHCOUNTS coach Jeff Boyd

“This book is full of juicy questions and ideas that will enable the reader to excel in MATHCOUNTS and AMC competitions. I recommend it to any students who aspire to be great problem solvers.” – Former AHSME Committee Chairman Harold Reiter

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